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Our trucks are the best in the business.

Call us whenever you require assistance moving your vehicle because we offer emergency towing services. To retrieve your vehicle and get you back on the road safely and effectively, our highly qualified personnel make use of specific tools and techniques.

About Us

The goal of Perceptive Towing Rescue LLC. is to offer the most dependable tow truck in town. We always ensure that your and your vehicles’ safety is our top priority, no matter what the situation is. We have been the “go-to” towing and roadside assistance provider around Alachua, Florida, for more than 6 years! So don’t think twice about calling us if you’re in need of towing or roadside help!

Six years ago, Perceptive Towing Rescue LLC. began offering superior towing and roadside assistance to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. Trucks, autos, motorhomes, recreational vehicles (RVs), trailers, and other heavy-duty vehicles are among the things we tow. Your equipment will be properly cared for by our teams of incredibly trustworthy and knowledgeable tow truck operators.

Our Services

It’s a great idea to have Perceptive Towing Rescue LLC. tow your car. The entire fleet is continually on watch, so we’ll be there as soon as we can. To reach our staff members and services at any time, dial (386) 272-5123.

Light-Duty Towing Services

You should get in touch with us for all of your towing requirements. We can assist you with everything, including removing your vehicle from your garage and towing it to the closest repair facility. You can trust our highly qualified staff!

Medium-Duty Towing Services

Calling Perceptive Towing Rescue LLC. for medium-duty towing can save time and money. When you call our team, we can be there within 30 minutes or even less!

Heavy-Duty Towing Services

Heavy-duty towing services are provided by Perceptive Towing Rescue LLC. and include bus and RV towing, long-distance towing, accident recovery, and huge equipment transport. You can contact us at any time of day if you need help transporting a heavy-duty vehicle.

7 Things You Should Have in the Car

Breakdowns can happen at any time, and there is nothing more frustrating than getting stuck in traffic because your car broke down. If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation, don’t hesitate to call Perceptive Towing Rescue LLC. for help! We provide fast service while also being highly affordable, so that our customers always feel taken care of, no matter what their situation may be.

Tire Changing Kit

A flat tire is one of the most typical mechanical failures. Most modern automobiles come standard with tire-changing equipment. A lug wrench, jack, and spare tire are included. To change a tire, you only need these few basic implements: Make sure you have access to these items in the event of an emergency involving your vehicle.

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are an essential tool to have in your car if you ever find yourself with a dead battery. They can help get things back on track quickly and efficiently, so it's best not to miss these little gems! Jumper cable kits come at affordable prices; make sure that they're included when buying new or upgrading old appliances.

Tire Sealant

It never hurts to have a little extra in case of emergencies. You might not be able to replace your tire until you reach an official repair facility, but at least with some sealant on hand, it will keep air from leaking out and ruining everything else below!

First-Aid Kit

A first-aid kit is a must for any car owner. When you're stranded on the side of an empty road, it can help treat minor injuries that require medical attention or just make sure someone has what they need to get back up and moving as soon as possible!

Water and Snacks

Summers can be unbearable, and if you find yourself stuck in a hot car with no water, food, or other essentials, it is important to keep your wits about you. Dehydration can lead to headaches due to lack of energy due to an inability to focus. To prevent this, it is important to make sure there is enough to drink beforehand.

Tool set

In an emergency, it’s good to be stocked with the essentials. A ratchet set is invaluable for fixing cars on the go, and it doesn't hurt if you also have a screwdriver or adjustable wrench!


Calling for help is the first step in saving yourself from stranded and vulnerable situations. Perceptive Towing Rescue LLC. can provide roadside assistance with their emergency tow trucks, which can provide quick help in a pinch. Don't waste time trying solutions that don't work, as professional assistance will come quickly.


"I called Perceptive Towing Rescue LLC. because I wanted to tow my car to a neighboring mechanic, and they provided me with a more affordable quote than the other towing company I had contacted earlier in the week. I heartily endorse using this location for towing!"

Poppie Huber
Computer analyst
"When other towing businesses tried to charge us a very high tow price on Christmas Eve, Perceptive Towing Rescue LLC. assisted us by keeping theirs low. If you ever need a tow, give these people a call!"

Sallie Hoover
Assembly line worker
"Because my automobile broke down on a busy Sunday, I called my insurance. They sent Perceptive Towing Rescue LLC., and I am really grateful since they were excellent and made me feel better despite the circumstances. Once more, many thanks, Perceptive Towing Rescue LLC!"
Haleema Oneill
Literary agent

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For a variety of towing services, including flatbed towing, long-distance towing, local towing, motorcycle towing, and emergency towing, Perceptive Towing Rescue LLC. offers the most competitive pricing. In addition, we offer tire replacements, lockouts, and other types of roadside assistance.